4Cyte Employees’ Majority Support Petition

The Health Workers Union, as a bargaining representative of the employees of 4Cyte Pathology wrote to management in April 2023 to initiate bargaining for an enterprise agreement on behalf of the employees we are entitled to represent, and on the commencement of bargaining the HWU would be a default bargaining representative in accordance with s176 (1) (b) of the Fair Work Act 2009 (cth).  4Cyte Pathology has not responded to that request.

The enterprise agreement would cover Clerks – Couriers – Laboratory assistants – Maintenance/Handy persons – Store persons and Pathology Collectors
But that’s not the end of it.The HWU is now running a majority Support Petition to demonstrate that a majority of 4Cyte Pathology workers want to bargain for an enterprise agreement. 

If enough 4Cyte employees sign this petition, Health Workers Union will seek an order from the Fair Work Commission that would lawfully compel 4Cyte to bargain with us.

By submitting the petition below, you confirm that you are employed by 4Cyte, on a casual, part-time or full time basis and that you want to bargain for an enterprise agreement with 4Cyte Pathology.

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