The HWU never gave up despite constant pushback and delay from Dorevitch Pathology, and won backpayments for our Members at Dorevitch who were not paid their change of shift allowances.

Dorevitch ignored the enterprise agreement clause – a clause the HWU negotiated into the agreement – and failed to pay the allowances on thousands of occasions. Superannuation was also missing from Members’ funds as a result of the allowances not being paid.

Over $200,000 for the unpaid allowances and superannuation has been paid to HWU Members involved in our Fair Work Commission action against Dorevitch. Individual payments ranged between $4,000 and $34,000.

Health Workers Union members at Dorevitch, like Tania and Theo (pictured celebrating their win at the Commission) played a crucial part in the Victorian pandemic response. Yet we still had to fight for them to be paid what they were entitled to.

Dorevitch dragged the process on so long, we had to take them back to the Commission a third time this month. The Commission issued directions requiring Dorevitch to pay up.

We are hopeful that after being called out in the Fair Work Commission, Dorevitch will finally do the right thing and complete an audit for all other affected employees.