EBA Announcement: Emmy Monash Aged Care to commence bargaining

The HWU has now begun bargaining for the next Emmy Monash Enterprise Agreement. This Agreement will determine the future pay rates and conditions for all Emmy Monash staff.

The Health Workers Union are the union representing Emmy Monash employees including including Personal Carers, Leisure and Lifestyle, Administration, Food Services, Laundry, Cleaners and Maintenance workers.

The first step in this process is to develop a Log of Claims; this is a list of everything that Emmy Monash employees want to see in their next Enterprise Agreement.

To help us understand what the key issues are, we need the feedback from Emmy Monash employees by taking part in the below survey.

The Health Workers Union will seek improvements for both pay and conditions at work as part of the bargaining process.

Why should I participate in this survey?

Your participation in this survey will help develop a Log of Claims that reflects workers concerns at Emmy Monash. Your participation will help ensure:

1. Voice and Representation: It gives you a chance to voice your opinions, concerns, and preferences regarding your workplace conditions. Your input contributes to the negotiation process, ensuring that your needs and those of your colleagues are heard and considered.

2. Improved Working Conditions: By sharing your feedback, you have a direct impact on the development of the Log of Claims. This can lead to better working conditions, increased benefits, and fairer employment terms, benefiting you and your coworkers.

3. Collective Bargaining Power: When employees participate in surveys and collaborate on a Log of Claims, it strengthens the collective bargaining power of the workforce. Negotiating as a united front is more effective in achieving favourable outcomes.

4. Transparency: Participating in the survey can lead to a more transparent negotiation process. When everyone’s concerns and priorities are documented and addressed, it helps build trust between employees and management.

5. Legal Protections: In Australia, participating in enterprise bargaining activities is protected by labor laws, ensuring that you cannot be penalised for taking part in the process. This provides job security while you actively engage in shaping your workplace’s future.

6. Personal Benefits: By participating and fighting for better outcomes from Enterprise Bargaining you can have greater job satisfaction, better work-life balance, increased financial security and ultimately better overall well-being.

Participating in this survey to develop a Log of Claims for the next Emmy Monash Enterprise agreement empowers you to have your say and contribute to better work environment, better pay conditions and a more equitable and productive workplace.