Shape the Future: Supporting Women in VET-Based Careers

The Department of Workplace Relations is actively engaging stakeholders in a profound conversation about the essential supports required for women to achieve higher-paying careers through VET.

The HWU are seeking the input from our members based on their experiences in the workplace, as it will assist in creating a submission to the Department of Workplace Relations on how women can receive enhanced support for pursuing education and advancing their careers through VET courses.

“Vocational education and training (VET) is learning where you develop targeted and practical skills. The skills you learn relate to a career pathway, so can apply them at work or in further education and training.”

Why Your Input Matters: Your insights are pivotal in shaping future policies and programs that contribute to women’s economic equality. Past stakeholder engagements in late 2022 have already influenced significant initiatives such as the Australian Skills Guarantee and increased support for women in apprenticeships and traineeships. Now, we are entering the next phase to gather your opinions on how we can further assist women in achieving higher-paying careers through VET pathways.

Survey Focus:

  1. Design of Initiatives: Share your thoughts on what makes a good plan or program. Tell us about ideas for initiatives, target groups, and how to measure their success.
  2. Use of Tailored Support: Let us know your views on providing specific help to different groups of women in job training. Identify ways and groups that can offer this assistance.
  3. Inclusive VET Environments and Workplaces: Share your insights on what educational institutions and employers can do to attract, retain, and support women in their job training.

How to Participate: To contribute, participate in our survey below. Your feedback will play an important role in developing future skills and training initiatives that support women’s economic equality. This is a unique opportunity to influence positive change and foster more inclusive environments within the VET sector.

Deadline for Feedback: Please submit your feedback by Tuesday, 25th December.

Your participation is not only vital for shaping our union’s submission to the Department of Workplace Relations but will also be shared with other interested departments and agencies. Together, let’s work towards a more equitable future for women in VET.