Healthscope Withdraws EBA After Accusations of Dodgy Dealings

Melbourne, Australia – 24 October 2023 – Healthscope has decided to withdraw an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) from the Fair Work Commission after the Health Workers Union (HWU) lodged multiple objections to the company’s conduct during the voting process.

The EBA for Victorian Non-clinal employees was lodged with the Fair Work Commission on the 12th September and withdrawn from the approval process on the 19th October.

The HWU has accused Healthscope of providing incorrect information to employees before the first vote, withholding pay increases legally owed in July, and failing to tell employees that they were not legally required to provide the 0.5% superannuation increases.

“Healthscope has shown that it is not willing to be honest with its employees,” said HWU Secretary Diana Asmar. “They have already withheld pay increases and given out incorrect information in an attempt to get their way. We urge employees not to be fooled again.”

Asmar said that the union had tried to get the problems fixed before and after the first vote, but Healthscope had refused to listen.

“Healthscope only cancelled the approval process with the Fair Work Commission a few days before the formal hearing,” she said. “Conveniently, this meant they didn’t have to face the hearing. But instead are telling employees it was all the HWU’s fault.”

The union is calling on employees to vote “no” to the EBA when it goes to a second vote.

“This is a bad deal for workers,” said Asmar.

The HWU is warning employees to be careful when they receive information about the EBA from Healthscope.

“Healthscope has a history of being dishonest with its employees,” said Asmar. “Do your own research and don’t believe everything you’re told.”