MEDIA RELEASE: Undervaluation of ‘indirect carers’ in Fair Work Commission Stage 3 – Aged Care Work Value case

The Health Workers Union (HWU) has today written to the Prime Minister and Federal Health Minister calling on the Commonwealth Government to reject the Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) shocking undervaluation of ‘indirect carers’ in aged care and fund the gap between the insulting 3% increase allocated to ‘indirect carers’ and long awaited and justly deserved increase of up to 28.5% for ‘direct carers’.

The FWC ruling paints a vision of aged care where ‘indirect carers’ have no interaction with residents and do very little for the health, dignity, and happiness of elderly Australians. 

The HWU rejects this totally and completely. All workers in aged care provide direct care to residents. 

Influenza does not discriminate between nurses and cleaners, nor between maintenance or administrative workers. Gastroenteritis doesn’t attack only residents, but laundry hands as well.  Covid-19 doesn’t distinguish between residents and food services employees.  

All workers in aged care struggle with the unique challenges of a demanding and often confronting workplace. 

All workers in aged care stood together through COVID and years of near criminal underpayment to keep our aged care system running, and our parents and grandparents safe. 

All workers in aged care deserve a pay increase that reflects their true value. 

The Commonwealth Government is participating in a decision that will some give some aged care workers real wage increases, helping them survive this cost-of-living crisis, whilst leaving the lowest paid workers in the industry behind. 

The HWU calls on the Federal Government to fund the gap and provide pay equity between ‘indirect’ and ‘direct’ carers in their response to the Fair Work Commission. 

No aged care worker left behind.

Diana Asmar Health Workers Union Secretary

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